Making a Character in Viking Times

Sam W

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This is information on playing in a historically–based Medieval Scandinavian RPG that should help inform players on making characters.

Common Knowledge of the World

Creating a Character

You might be inspired by one of the classic archetypes of this culture: berserker raiders, skalds, or seers. Or you may choose to be a free man, a karl, who by choice or circumstance has ventured from home.

Create an evocative name for your character. You may choose a name of the format “[Name] The [Descriptor].” You then get any specific traits for your name. If you don’t have any ideas, roll on Cairn tables for a name and a virtue.

You may take any gear that makes sense for your character, and as allowed by the referee. You can probably hold 4 non-worn items.

You start with 4 hits, add more depending on your traits or gear (e.g. armor).

Things You Could Do

As a player in a setting like this, you might: