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Sam W

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So you want a simple version of dungeoncrawling. Here is a freeform interpretation.

Generate Character

Choose a type: Brutish or Erudite.


Roll d6 for each column:

I was a who was known for but suffers from my most valuable possession is
city guard dexterity blackmail threat a sharp sword
executioner keen senses rage a huge axe
hunter stealth cowardice a sturdy longbow
knight survival skills addiction a shining sword
sailor physical endurance mythomania a heavy crossbow
soldier strength compulsive spender a bloody mace

You may be armored.


Roll d6 for each column:

I was a who was known for but suffers from my most valuable possession is
accountant magical knowledge paranoia a translation guide
lord knowledge of nature recurrent illness a stack of cash
merchant religious knowledge anxiety a rare drug
monk architectural eye cowardice a book of local history
navigator steady hand exile an expert map of the area
scholar detailed memory greed a bestiary

You may have a spell. You can cast it once a day without consequence. Beyond that, see if your control of the power is strong enough to prevent a mishap.

For Everybody

Roll d6 or choose, as you please.

We need to
pay off a debt
restore lost status
remove a curse
get rich quick
hideout from enemies
retrieve a special item

Choose for the party 12 more items:

Bear Trap Crowbar Net Chalk Spyglass Chain
Small Bell Horn Grappling Hook Flammable oil Tar pot 10 foot pole
Rope Glass Marbles Lockpick Grease Rope Ladder Iron spikes
Horn Hourglass Incense Padlock w/ Key Garotte Hacksaw
Poison Loaded Dice Manacles Explosive Powder Billhook Steel Wire
Shovel Bottle Paint Pulleys leather band hammer

Everyone starts with a small dagger, 3 days rations, and 5 torches.


Figure out what makes sense before resorting to anything here.

Structure the crawl to make resources valuable. 10 minute turns, reaction rolls, morale checks. Outdoor survival if necessary.

Give hard choices and dilemmas, provide maximal information. Play dungeon denizens as smart as players do.