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Sam W

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Session 1

Months after alien contact and the power grid went down, our five survivors, driving their trusty cargo van, enter Arkansas from the west. They have seen a Jeep behind them the last few days, hanging far back. After a pit stop at a rest stop for some siphoned gas, they continue on to an abandoned gas station to salvage supplies. After looking through, V, sitting on top of the gas stations, sees the Jeep coming. NC uses a spell to read minds, and hears the people in the van talking about looking for the van. Everyone promptly hides behind gas station.

The Jeep pulls off the interstate and someone, a tall man with long dark hair, gets out and stands a minute before getting back in the van and drives off.

The group then moves to the farm across the street from the gas station and sets up in the barn for the night. V and A go scout out the woods at the edge of the fields, and see many bare human footprints. They follow them into the woods for 30 minutes. The tracks’ paths are meandering and erratic. V and A see 2 foot tall mushrooms, and takes one of them.

The group retires for the night in the barn, taking watch shifts. On first watch, J spots a person stumbling out of the woods, heading roughly in the direction of the barn. They walk erratically, staggering. They get within 200 feet of the barn, upon which a head deformity is visible. J exits the barn and approaches, and this person has a mushroom growing out of their head. J walks forward and hits them with an axe, which does not stop their advance.

J returns to the barn and wakes everyone up. NC takes a previously retrieved chainsaw; J and NC chainsaw the lone mushroom-infested person, sending up a cloud of spores. At this point a horde of 25-30 more stumbling humanoids can be seen from the treeline. The group gets in the van and peels out.

The group drives to the first exit into the town of Fenon, after finding the interstate blocked by an overturned 18-wheeler. They hide under an underpass for a few hours, only to be found by a mushroom infested person. They drive through town to get on the next exit, going through downtown and seeing the Jeep parked in front of the bank. The group eventually makes it back onto the interstate at the next exit.

After 20 minutes, headlight brights start flashing from behind the van. The Jeep has caught up. The van pulls over to a break in the median, and the Jeep pulls up behind them. The same man gets out from the Jeep and begins suspiciously talking to the party. NS leads conversation, and guns are eventually drawn. V fires first with his sniper rifle before the man can get his pistol off his hip; the van peels off, and the Jeep follows. Several shots are fired in the chase back and forth.

Stumbling humanoids are seen in the road ahead, and the driver (NC) attempts to thread the needle between them. He hits one head one, sending up a big cloud of spores. The Jeep pulls a J-turn, and stops ahead of the mushroom-infected. Someone gets out and approaches, only to be grabbed by one of the humanoids. Shots are fired at the humanoids, but the Jeep passengers get back in the Jeep and drive the other way. The van continues east, heading towards Nashville.